The Plight of the Post-Doc


2010 is already looking good!

While the rest of you were nursing your hangovers last New Year's Day, I was submitting a manuscript.  And now, literally one day shy of an entire year later, that manuscript has finally been ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Huzzahhhhhhh!! 

The massive, venomous, 10-gauge thorn in my side has at long last been ripped out, and it is just the best!! I want to run through the snowy Brooklyn streets shouting "PA-PER!  PA-PER!" pumping my fists in the air like someone who just won a marathon.  I want to dance like this guy.

Tonight we are having a little birthday party for J (steak tartare, shrimp cocktail, endive w/ blue cheese, mixed olives, fromage plate, and tiramisu!), and now we get to celebrate this as well!  I have a feeling that New Year's Day 2010 will be enormously different from New Year's Day 2009, meaning that I will be nursing a hangover, not submitting a manuscript.

Happy New Year, everyone!  


LM said...

Woooooooooo! Double the reason to break out the champagne flutes. Happy New Year!

LM said...

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. B! Tonight is all about livin' it up... for multitudinous reasons!

Dr. Webstein said...

Great news, Dr. B! Why not dance like this? (keep watching.)

Candid Engineer said...

Yay!!! Congratulations, Dr. Becca! That's great news. Happy new year to you, doll!

Patrice Brassard said...

Well, this is a great news ! What a way to start 2010 ! Congratulations !

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